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Installation – Step 1 – Choose Your Size

In step one, this is where you determine what size of Stormbox community shelter you need. With multiple sizes to choose from, we will tailor your disaster shelter to best suit your facility or campus needs. The community storm shelter choice is often largely based off how many people you need to protect. All listed occupancies are based on five square feet per person as required in the FEMA 361 guidelines for storm safe rooms. Actual occupancy is greater. Multiple units can be deployed to meet any occupancy demands. Additional Stormbox community storm shelters can also be added over time as your workforce or campus grows.

Installation – Step 2 Build the Foundation

The second step is to determine the specific location. It should be out of a flood zone and in an accessible, central location. Each community storm shelter is bolted to a 4,000 PSI, 16”-thick, reinforced-concrete foundation. Each installation includes one handicap-accessible ramp. Step two of the construction process typically takes two days. However, it’s worth noting that concrete curing time is about seven days.

Installation – Step 3 Delivery

At Stormbox, we serve the entire United States and have completed projects all across tornado alley. Each Stormbox community storm shelter is manufactured in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment. Stormbox shelters are delivered reliably and cost-effectively on a flatbed trailer to your site. We are also conscientious of your schedule and will schedule delivery for the day you are ready for your community storm shelter to be installed. Shipping prices are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on shipping distance. All units are FOB Little Rock, Arkansas.

Installation – Step 4 – Crane Unit Off truck, Anchor to Foundation

We utilize a crane to hoist the community storm shelter from the trailer and set it in place on the foundation. We utilize a HILTI epoxy anchoring system using 5/8” bolts with 6” of embedment to ensure the shelter stays in place during an EF-5/250 MPH tornado. This process is completed in a few hours.

Installation – Step 5 Final Electrical Connection

Once your Stormbox disaster shelter is bolted in place, we will connect it to permanent power. We typically locate the electrical conduit stubbed up through the foundation for a clean, professional-looking job. This activity is completed in a few hours.

Typical disaster shelter installation is complete in about one week.

And thats it!

Your Stormbox Community Shelter is READY TO USE!