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Tornado Tips: At Home

If you are new to an area prone to tornadoes or simply haven’t had to take cover from a tornado before, there are a few pieces of advice and tips that you should be aware of. In today’s blog at Stormbox, we talk about five tornado tips for when you are threatened by a tornado at home. Keep reading for helpful tips and contact our team at Stormbox today to establish a safe and affordable community storm shelter.

1. Go to the Basement

Should you ever need to take cover from a tornado or severe storm of any kind, it’s generally a good rule to make your way to the lowest area of the structure you are in. If you are at home, make your way into the basement if you can do so safely. Once you are in the basement, find something like a mattress, blankets, a table, or anything you can use to protect yourself from flying debris. If you do not have a basement or community storm shelter, find your way to the centermost portion of your home away from windows and doors. You want to put as many walls and items between yourself and the tornado as possible in order to give yourself the best chance or survival.

2. Move Away From Any Windows

Another thing to keep in mind while at home during a tornado is to stay as far away from windows and doors as possible. There’s a good reason tornado shelters don’t have windows on them. Should the windows break from wind, hail, or flying debris, you want to be as far away from the flying shards of glass as possible to prevent injury. Additionally, steering clear of windows decreases your chances of getting hit by any projectiles being flung by the tornado.

3.  Never Stay in a Mobile Home

Whether you live in a mobile home or are visiting a friend in their mobile home, seek tornado shelter elsewhere. Whether it be a community storm shelter, storm cellar, or sturdy building nearby, almost anywhere is safer than being in a mobile home during a tornado. Mobile home structures are not sturdy enough to protect against tornado-force winds and may give you a false sense of security when, in fact, you are incredibly vulnerable. Whatever you do, do NOT stay in a mobile home during a tornado.

4. Know the Signs

Perhaps the most important tip we can give you at Stormbox is to know the signs. Oftentimes before a tornado, the sky will turn an ominous and dark green color. You may see very large, dark, and low clouds with a circular appearance. Or, if the tornado has already touched down without you knowing, you may hear a loud roaring noise that resembles that of a large freight train. If you see any of these signs or have any reason to suspect a tornado is coming, keep a vigilant eye on the local media. News stations, radio stations, and NOAA weather radio are all great resources to keep informed and safe.

5. Be Prepared

At Stormbox, we can’t stress this tip enough. It is much better to be preventative and prepared than reactionary and too late. There are dozens of things you can do to prepare for a tornado — and you should if you live in an area prone to them. Ensure you have a plan. Whether you are at home, at work, or at school, you and your family should have a plan in case of a tornado. Know where the nearest tornado shelter is, have an emergency kit, stock plenty of food and water, whatever you need to do to ensure you and your family are safe.

One of the best ways you can be prepared is with a community storm shelter from Stormbox. Our community storm shelters are rated to protect you from up to category EF-5 tornadoes, are affordable, and are built to last. We hope that today’s blog has helped to inform you and keep you safe in the event of a tornado. Learn more about our community storm shelters at Stormbox by reaching out to us and be sure to follow these tips to stay safe at home during a tornado. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our future posts about staying safe at work and while you are out and about!

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