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10’ Portable Storm Shelter (Up To 14 People)


Quality Portable Storm Shelter.

  • Rated For Up To 14 People
  • Can Be Implemented Short-Term or Long-Term
  • Meets Or Exceeds All FEMA 361 and ICC-500 Storm Shelter Guidelines
  • Built To Withstand Up To EF-5 Tornadoes and Hurricanes


Our Stormbox portable storm shelter is the ideal solution for those looking for seasonal or non-permanent community storm shelter solutions. It is built to be incredibly strong and provide invaluable storm-safe room protection while also having the ability to be moved from site to site. Our portable storm shelter at Stormbox is perfect for construction sites, wellheads, festival events, seasonal use, and more. Contact our team at Stormbox today to get your free quote and learn more about our mobile community storm shelters.


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This StormBox Above Ground Community Storm Shelter is ideal for larger groups of people in need of a proven storm shelter that will provide fast and economical protection. This MOBILE SHELTER is manufactured to FEMA 361 and ICC-500 guidelines and is rated to withstand an EF-5 Tornado. Rated for 14 people.


  • Dimensions
    • Shelter: 8’ wide x 8’-6” tall x 10’ long (80 square feet)
    • Skid: 10’ wide x 12” tall x 20’ long
  • Total mobile shelter weight: 37,340 lbs
  • Door dimensions: 3’3” wide x 6’9” tall (ADA accessible) with two doors per unit
  • Built with the following steel specifications: All structural steel plates and angles are ASTM grade A36 steel. Rectangular steel tubes are ASTM Grade A500. All structural steel tubing has a ¼” thick wall. All welds are inspected by a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector). All inspections meet IBC Ref: 1704.3.1
  • Paint system is rust and corrosion-resistant.
    • Interior: Water Borne.
    • Exterior: Urethane Industrial Strength ( Standard for Automakers)
  • Triple-locking door system for extra safety and security
  • 20 AMP, 110 Volt electrical service is needed. Both exterior and interior lights have a 90-minute emergency back-up battery.
  • Convection air ventilation system included
  • Portable foundation system
  • Shelters meet FEMA 361 and ICC 500 codes with 250 MPH wind rating. Wall sections and doors successfully passed Texas Tech Wind Research Institute simulated tornado missile impact test. Shelters are designed and sealed by a structural engineer.


MOBILE UNIT/RENTAL UNIT Short-Term or Long-Term rentals great for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Gas Drilling Sites
  • Festival Events
  • Seasonal Use